when did we start using botox?



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    Oddly enough botox was first used in the 70’s and it was used to treat strabismus (which is a condition where the eyes are not aligned properly in MONKEYS!  

    Pretty soon it was being used on humans, and then it became common to be used for non-medical conditions 

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    Although the history of botox starts back in the 1820s, it was not until the 1950s and 60s that it was first discovered that botox could be used as a muscle relaxant, and one scientist experimented with injecting it into monkeys.  Subsequent testing was performed on humans and it was found to be an acceptable and safe treatment for individuals with crossed eyes.  In 1989 the FDA approved its use for opthalmic use, but it was discovered it helped reduce sweating and reduced the apperance of wrinkles.  In 2002 the FDA approved botox for cosmetic use and it has been available ever since.

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