When did we start using the 12 month calendar?



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    The ancient Egyptians used a calendar that had 12 months of 30 days each. Five more days were added in 4000 B.C. to make it fit the suns schedule better. The Egyptians knew that the calendar would be off with no leap years, but did not mind that the seasons would over time occur during different months. Summer months would eventually be winter months. We started using the Gregorian Calendar, which is exactly what we use today in 1592 when it was adopted by Pope Gregory XIII of the church. 

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    The Gregorian Calendar was not adopted everywhere in 1592. Britain and its American colonies did not adopt it until 1752; Russia adopted it in 1918 and Greece in 1923.

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    I believe the Gregorian calendar was actually adopted in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII who insisted the calendar be instituted throughout the Catholic world in order to overcome errors with previous calendars (namely the Julian calendar, which was falling farther and farther behind with time). Only Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and France accepted the Calendar immediately. Several Eastern Europeans countries didn’t accept the Calendar until the 19-teens, the Soviet Union accepting it not until 1919. Greece waited until 1928, and China didn’t use it until after the Maoist revolution of 1949.

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