When did we start to use Freon in cars?



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    According to this article, freon has been used in cars for about 40 years.  However, that is slowly changing, as it has been found that this particular refrigerant drastically contributes to greenhouse gases, especially because it is so widely used.  The first U.S.-proposed cut in greenhouse gases was just put forward by the Obama Administration, which has proposed that the 195 countries who ratified the Montreal Protocol (one of the most successful environmental treaties, arguably more successful than the Kyoto Protocol), to enact mandatory reductions in hydrofluorocarbons or “super greenhouse gases” such as those used for refrigeration and air conditioning purposes.  While the Montreal Protocol has already drastically cut the use of chlorohydrocarbons being pumped into our atmosphere, taking this extra step would make the Protocol the strongest international treaty in the fight against global warming.

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