When did we start drinking so much bottled water?



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    Convenience. We are constantly being told to drink at least 8 full glasses of water per day, and the easiest (but not most environmentally friendly) way to do that is to grab a water bottle. Also, people are under the impression that bottled water is healthier and cleaner than tap water. In most cases, this is a myth.

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    The bottle water fad started a few years ago when advertising for bottled water increased, claiming water from a bottle is more pure than tap. What people don’t realize is that tap water is monitored for contaminants 24/7 and bottled water is only tested for contaminants in batches. Also, some bottled water is just tap water put into a fancy bottle with a fancy name. Save plastic and your money and use tap water and if you are really concerned about the quality of water buy a water filter, such as Brita.

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    Bottled water sales have been climbing like crazy since the 1970s. Bottled water is a quick, easy and convenient way to get your daily fill of water while on the go. It’s healthier than soda or juices, so it also fits in with diets.

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