When did we start shifting a lot of our manufacturing overseas?



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    Well, the term “outsourcing” didn’t enter the English language until the 1980s, when multinational corporations really started contracting outside of the US.

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    The shift of American manufacturing overseas was the concrete result of an ideological shift in American political economy.

    Following the recession of the 1970s, Americans began thinking differently about the role of labor in capitalism. Rather than treating it as an essential part of the domestic economy (as it had been conceptualized since America’s colonial days), economists and businessmen alike began to regard it as the bottom line; that is, as the ultimate cost-saving technique. By regarding labor as an export rather than an integral aspect of national character, business were able to save money without spending excess time and money on innovation or employee awareness. 

    Because the practice of exporting labor drastically reduced costs and increased profits, the technique spread like wildfire through the 1980s and 1990s, resulting in the crippled and largely failed American manufacturing sector we’re left with today.

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