When did we start selling bottled water?



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    Check out this cool link for some more on the history of portable drinking water (bottled water):

    Note: This is Nestle’s subtle form of information/advertising, but notice how the chart (click the arrow for after 1976 when Pierre showed up) shows how much more water we are consuming from plastic bottles than we were 20 years ago… Good thing or bad thing? Depends on how you look at it. Not too many of those plastic bottles end up getting recycled and nearly none of them will biodegrade.

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    Initially it was specifically mineral water that was bottled for its alleged health benefits in the 1700s. It is unclear exactly when, but in the early 1900s, soda water became popular. It was not until fairly recently that we began bottling water in plastic bottles and the plastic bottle reached its popularity in the 200s. For most of history, glass was the packaging of choice. 

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    Even beyond the disposal of the bottle itself, bottled water is bad news.  It advertises itself as fresh and clean, but it’s actually held up to much MUCH lower safety standards than the tap water in your home.

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