When did we start our recycling program?



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    Paper recycling began in 1921 in Great Britain. Since the 1970’s recycling has risen for the general population in the US. It started as a response to rising costs, but was not convenient at first. The first curbside recycling pickup service began in California in 1973. In the past few decades, the US has used 1,677 companies for the recycling business.

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    Woodbury, New Jersey was the first American city to mandate a recycling program.

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    Some cities, such as San Francisco CA, and Portland, OR to name a few have also begun a program called curbside composting. You simply dispose of coffee grounds, food scraps and other green material into a large green garbage bin that gets emptied the same day as garbage and recycling does. This is a relatively new program only a couple years old but is growing and spreading to other cities. The point of the program is to reduce cities’ carbon footprints. The San Francisco Recology collection program strives to redirect 75 percent of waste generated in the city away from landfill disposal by 2010, and aims to achieve zero waste by 2020.

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