When did we start making products out of corn?



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    It depends on what you mean by Products.

    Corn refining first occured around the time of the civil war, when corn was put through a hydrolisis process to extract the starch.
    It wasn’t until 1882 that developers began to use corn for sugar extraction, and shortly after discovered the other many uses for corn.

    Corn Syrup became popular in the 1950’s, although by then the process was 30 years old. The first commercial shipment of High Fructose Corn Syrup occurred in 1967.

    The production of ethanol from corn “began after WWII, but major quantities were not manufactured unti lthe 1970’s.”

    If you’re asking about “degradable replacements for chemical products,” such as Cornware, corn.org expresses that they’ve been around for several decades, although I’ve only noticed their popularity in the last few years.

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