When did we start to find pharmaceuticals in our tap water?



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    In the 1980’s studies began to arise showing that everything from antibiotics to cometics were showing up our drinking water. Another study conducted in the 1990’s revealed 30 different types of phamaceuticals in the collected water samples. This came as a result of companies and power plants improperly disposing of these harmful substances. Today the amount of contaminants in the water has decreased, but everyone should still be conscious of how they dispose of old prescriptions, cosmectics, and another chemicals.

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    Note that virtually all of the studies of pharmaceuticals are of their presence in groundwater and streams — water supplies, but NOT coming out of taps and faucets in homes. It may be that some traces have been found in actual drinking water – but the reference in the other answer, and the presentations and papers I have read on the topic do not indicate that. The contamination is in natural water supplies, before it goes through treatment and reaches homes. If someone can post a link to a study that finds pharmaceuticals in actual home drinking water, I would be most interested in seeing it.

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