When did we start emitting greenhouse gases?



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    The use of fossil fuels ushered in the age of greenhouse gas emission. Fossil fuels cam into use with the industrial revolution when we began to harness machine energy to replace man labor in production factories. The industrial revolution really took off in the eighteenth century, so we’ve been emitting greenhouse gases for over a century! At the beginning of the twentieth century the internal combustion engine was invented and cars began to be used which meant increasingly even individual citizens not just manufacturers where contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Once humans began tinkering with alternative forms of fuel and energy to traditional wood, we entered what is known as the Industrial Era. Since its beginning in the 1750, we have seen exponential growth in the amount of GHGs emitted by humans. Indeed, even burning timber releases the greenhouse gas CO2, but industrial fuels are burned far more than wood once was and more chemicals are released, thus creating the huge spike in GHGs over the last two and a half centuries.

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