When did we start becoming such a consumerist society?



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    In the 1920’s the creation of installment lending for cars and appliances (stoves, refrigerators, radios) emerged, prompting a “buy now, pay later” attitude in Americans. After World War II credit became part of the mass market. This credit boom, paired with a post-war sense of being indestructible, created a mind set in America that nothing was beyond one’s reach. If you could not afford the American Dream, you could finance it on credit. It was this era that probably birthed our current consumerist mind set.

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    The 1920s also gave us another thing that helped boost consumerism in this country- the modern advertisement. Advertisements (as much as we would like to think they don’t) drive the majority of purchases we make. Our culture is super saturated in advertisements, there are very few places that don’t feature some kind of advertisement.

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