When did we realize that the loss of biodiversity is a bad thing?



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    The issue of biodiversity loss became popularized around 1963 when two scientists, E.O Wilson and Robert H. MacArthur, first developed the theory of Island Biogeography. This theory essentially states that as an area grows smaller, the number of species it can support declines even faster. Many believe the key to protecting biodiversity lies in protecting wild areas that contain the greatest number of species.

    These areas have been designated Biodiversity Hotspots: 1. Mesoamerican forests 2. Caribbean 3. Tropical Andes 4. Ecuador 5. Amazonian forest 6. Atlantic forest 7. Guinean forest 8. Cape Floristic Province 9. Mediterranean 10. Madagascar/Indian Ocean islands 11. Western India/Sri Lanka 12. Eastern Himalayas 13. Indonesia/Malaysia 14. Philippines 15. Southwestern Australia 16. Wallacea/Tasmania 17. New Caledonia 18. Polynesia/Micronesia

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