When did we become so dependent on antibiotics?



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    Antibiotics have been prescribed needlessly in the past. There have been studies showing that antibiotics are as effective as a placebo at curing some illnesses, yet still they are prescribed to millions for these same illnesses each year. One example is sinus infections. Many Americans experience one or more sinus infections in a year, and their doctor may prescribe them antibiotics each time. However, it’s clear that these are not preventative measures which is why the sickness keeps returning nor are they helpful in the long run once the bug has created enzymes to attack the antibiotic. We also ingest antibiotics in our meat products because it is being fed to animals to keep them from getting sick. As the animals build up immunities to the drugs, so do they people who ingest those resistant strains. Important alternatives in medicine and lifestyle have been greatly overlooked which is both causal and symptomatic of our dependency. 

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    Antibiiotics became part of medicine with the discovery of penicillin during the early 1940’s.

    Since that discovery, scientists have looked for, and found, many other naturally occurring antibiotics.

    Antibiotics work against bacterial infections but are useless against viruses.

    Overuse of antibiotics and development of resistance are a major concern.

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