When did the “save the earth” campaign start?



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    If by the “Save the Earth” campaign, you’re essentially talking about environmentalism in general, that’s existed, in some form or another, throughout history. But the most recent environmental movement essentially has its start in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the instigation of national parks and other measures meant to aid conservation. The advent of nuclear weaponry following World War II and the knowledge of what such radioactivity could and was already doing to our planet aided this along as well.

    But it was really the 1970s when the ball started rolling, evidenced by the creation of Earth Day at the beginning of that decade. By this time the hole in the ozone layer, acid rain, climate change and the host of other environmental issues plaguing us became public knowledge and the beginning stages of the green movement (things like wide-spread instigation of recycling) began in this decade as well.

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    The modern environmental movement in the United States was born in the 1960s;  Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring is often credited with helping spark the movement.  Published in 1962, it exposed how the commonly-used pesticide DDT devastated the natural environment, especially songbird populations, and caused a public outcry that led to the banning of DDT.  Concern for the environment continued to grow over the decade, and the first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970.

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