When did the oil spill end?

Bp started the oil spill on April 20, when did it end



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    On July 15th, British Petroleum was finally successful in their attempts to cap the gushing well.  Concern still remains that the pressure caused by the cap will cause new leaking along the sea floor.  They are currently drilling relief wells to lessen the pressure on the cap.  

    It is secure for the moment, but the cleanup will take years, and the sustained effects on the environment are yet to be seen.  They are expected to be quite severe.

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    It hasn’t stopped yet. Although we are ALOT closer than we have in the past they still haven’t completely stopped it. And even when we stop it it’ll still be a lloonngg time before most of the oil is out of the water and cleaned up!!

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    I am sure there are thousands of gallons still leaking into the gulf, unfortunately. BP just doesnt want to tell us about it 🙁

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