When did the karner blue butterfly become endangered?



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    The Karner Blue Butterfly was declared endangered in 1992. The species has been in decline due to urbanization and deforestation in many parts of the country. The butterfly is still found in the great lakes region and parts of upper New York state. There are various recovery plans to protect the Karner Blue Butterfly, although none of them have proven effective as the species has remained on the list since its inclusion in 1992. 

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    The Karner Blue Butterfly became endangered in 1992. Its numbers have declined due to habitat loss and collection. Karner Blues live in pine and oak savannas and fields of wild lupines. They are losing their habitat because of land development and the absence of forest fires, which make room for more lupines. Karner Blues are also threatened by collecting. Their beauty and rarity make them desirable to butterfly collectors. It is now illegal to collect a Karner Blue Butterfly. 

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