when did it become cool to be an environmentalist?



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    Ever since civilizations began, there have been concerns, both by the ruling class and the citizens, on how to manage things like waste, water and air pollution, soil quality, resource depletion, etc. The modern environmental movement began as whole countries started experiencing issues with environmental degradation. In 18th century Europe, for example, the industrial revolution caused problems for air quality, loss of natural wilderness, and other issues associated with rising industrialism and population growth. So even though environmentalism has always been an important issue, the 60’s and 70’s were an important time in changing massive numbers of people into environmentalists, and therefore bringing the movement into mainstream culture. The “Back to the Land Movement,” in the early 70’s, was in reaction to the war in Vietnam and a sentiment that the world was headed towards chaos. People started living communally and ecologically friendly- growing their own food, and having little impact on their environment. Ever since then, a younger, eco-friendly culture of environmentalism has been an important political, environmental, and societal force in the world. Which, simply said, is cool…

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    Great answer ktjphoto! To that I would add that sometimes being an environmentalist is not always glamourous (like when you are picking up other peoples’ trash) or easy; like when you have to speak up when you see something you don’t agree with happening. Being an environmentalist means taking responsibility, not just going with the trend and acting hip. I’m not saying I’m not glad thats its cool to care about sustainability or being green; I actually think its fantastic. However, I also think the level of importance needs to run a little deeper than “cool” for us to ensure that real change can continue occurring. 

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