When did Hawaii become a state?



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    “Now for those who wanted to know when did Hawaii become a state, it was the year 1959. This 50th state of the US has become a tourist destination for many Asians such as those coming from Japan, China and other countries as well. This has also the reason why there has been a lot of diversity among the people of the beautiful place of Hawaii”.

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    Hawaii became a the 50th state on August 21, 1959. By no means was this a simple or quick process. The United States made Hawaii a territory on July 4, 1898 and it took 60 years and a few attempts to acquire its statehood. Under President Eisenhower, both Alaska (becoming a state earlier in the year) and Hawii became states. Soon after, a new flag boasting 50 stars on the top left was unfurled and remains the same symbol of America today. 

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    Some believe that Hawaii became a state illegally, because it was previously an independent nation recognized by the United States in a treaty. The United States even later apologized for the overthrow and annexation of Hawaii. Prior to statehood the United States military had been steadily building up forces in Hawaii. The creation of the pineapple canning industry by John Dole and the growth of tourism also spurred desire for statehood. Another large factor was the Sugar Act of 1934 which lowered the quota on sugar imports from Hawaii. After World War II and the attack on Pearl Harbour there was extensive military buildup, solidifying the connection of the US and Hawaii and provoking statehood. 

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