When did greenwashing become a problem?



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    Greenwashing has been a problem ever since the environment has been an issue in the mind of the public.  This stems back to the 70’s, and there is most likely a link between the date April 22nd, 1970 (the inaugural Earth Day) and the beginning of greenwashing. “Westinghouse, for example, runs ads describing nuclear power as “neat, clean, safe.” http://www.thegreenlifeonline.org/greenwash101.html

    In 1972 the term for Greenwashing was “Ecopornography” coined by Jerry Mander in an article outlining industries trend towards misrepresentation of facts in regards to their product and environment, or down right lying about their product with a positive enviro message.

    Greenwashing was coined in 1986 by Jay Westerveld, an endangered species biologist, in an essay outlining practices in the hotel industry.

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