When did the green movement start?



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    The green movement does not have an official start date. It can however be traced back to April 22, 1970 when the first offical “Earth Day” was established. This marked a celebration among Americans to gather together in parks and engage in street protests to advocate for environmental issues. Since this time, environmentalism has become a strong force in American culture and politics. There are ongoing efforts that encourage humanity to become more environmentally conscious and conserve our natural resources and beautiful places for future generations (About.com, 2011).  

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    Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was also a major environmental activist during his presidency and gave the green movement a stronger voice during the nascent 20th century. His contributions to  preserving natural resources by tripling the amount of forest reserves to 150 million under the Forest Reserve Act of 1891 was tremendous and made Teddy a leader in resource management policies. He even attempted to outlaw the use of feather as uniform adornments as governor of New York. However his love of hunting, especially during his Safari quests after his presidency, has created skepticism among those who doubt his motives. Even so the man brought to light issues that were considered trivial and rather threatening to many personal interests.

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