When did granite become a status symbol?



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    You could have fooled me that it was… some people like the look and feel and durability of granite. I would hardly call it a status symbol.

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    Granite countertops became really popular for the kitchen in the 90s.

    Here are some interesting articles about the overuse of granite countertops and popularity of granite:http://hookedonhouses.net/2010/06/09/are-granite-countertops-on-their-way-out/


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    Granite has been associated with status and power for centuries. Due to its durability, it was historically very difficult to quarry, cut, polish and move, and was available only to those with a lot of wealth and/or power.  This partially accounts for granite’s aura of resplendence and status symbol power as it is easily associated with palaces and grand monuments.  However, granite is still very expensive to move and install, which is why it is a popular choice with homeowners wishing to increase their home’s value.  

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