When did going green become so popular?



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    Good question!

    Going green became popular when average American and Europeans began realizing that fossil fuels were starting wars, becoming very expensive, and hurting the enviornment.

    Going green while it does have a “trend” nature to it, is really simply a matter of necessity, not popularity.

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    The origin of the true “environmental movement” is credited to Rachel Carson in the 1970’s.  This is when we figured out what pesticides and other chemicals were doing to our environment.  The green movement you see nowadays with hybrids and canvas grocery bags really gained steam in the early to mid 2000’s.  Celebrities began going green, making movies, and make what we see to do almost a fashion statement!

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    I think it became really popular after Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth. This is when thousands of companies and television stations saw the potential in going “green.” TV stations started to air many new television series about the earth. And companies started promoting their products as green, creating an entirely new genre of goods. 

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    The origin of the “environmental movement” dates between the 1960s and 70s. Rachel Carson, Murray Bookchin and Ralph Nader were contributors to the eco-friendly movement, publishing books that questioned the automotive industry, pesticides and other issues. Since then it has grown, and with Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and many celebrities/ musicians working to improve the environment, going green has definitely grown in importance over the years.

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