When did BPA become a chemical of concern?



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    Take a look at the website below it has a comprehensive timeline.  Apparently the first evidence of toxicity at all was in 1930’s.  I suspect your asking about the more recent problems, which really begin to show up in the 1990’s.  In 1997 studies showed BPA contamination in canned infant formula.  The amounts were in excess of amounts found to harm development – but the FDA did not tighten standards.  In 2007 it was discovered that the govenment’s BPA consultants who had stated that BPA was safe, worked for the BPA manufacturers.  Later that year a broad study of canned food shows widespread BPA contamination – these included canned soup, pastas, infant formula and more.

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    BPA was synthezied in 1891 and used as a synthetic estrogen by the 1930s. When scientists discovered that BPA could make two forms of plastic, it began being mass produced.    A 2008 study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association said that bisphenol A (BPA) was found to increase heart disease, diabetes, and liver abnormalities. At that time, the FDA determined BPA to be safe for use. Last year, the FDA stood by their opinion on BPA, found to be in baby bottles and children’s drinking cups. They are investigating the “potential” link between BPA and the aforementioned effects as well as the new studies showing BPA may cause infertility.

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