When did Bill Clinton become so darned green?



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    OnTheIssues.org aspires to “report on every political leader on every issue.” The group’s ‘Bill Clinton on Environment’ link traces his environmental interests as such:

    *1981: Dumbest mistake: paid for roads by car tag fees. (Jun 2007)
    *Imposed 608 pages of ergonomic rules in final days in office. (Sep 2003)
    *Lowered arsenic levels in drinking water. (Sep 2003)
    *False choice between economy and environment. (Jan 2000)
    *Much left to do on clean air, water, & environment. (Jan 1996)

    Read further at: http://www.ontheissues.org/Celeb/Bill_Clinton_Environment.htm

    Presently, Bill Clinton is a leading advocate renewable energy and climate change, regularly pushing for solutions such as utility decoupling and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, and supporting green projects like retrofitting the Empire State Building and installing LEDs throughout Los Angeles.

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