When did landscaping become so obsessed with neat, straight lines and angles, and less with natural, wilderness appearance?



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    Those neat, straight lines and angles belong to a symmetrical form of gardening called Baroque gardening. It started in France in the 1600’s, when the palace of Versailles was being built. When the gardens were completed, they became all the rage, and Baroque gardens became the main style of gardening. This form of gardening relies on exact mathematical structures and symmetry. In the 18th century (the 1700’s), the Romantic period came into swing. This period heralded a movement more towards nature, and that’s when gardens with a more natural/wilderness appearance came back in vogue.

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    Straight, symmetrical, orderly landscapes illustrate a professional and formal look of a site and this style is typically used in front of commercial buildings. Landscapes are artificially inserted to sometimes imitate the hard look of a building’s architecture and match with its textures, colors, lines, and shapes. Boxed tree foliage, neat positioning and repetition of plantings, and same color shades are often examples of landscapes surrounding office buildings, store fronts, and restaurants. These details makes the landscape appear organized and reflects what the business behind it will be like. If these businesses make time and effort to maintain and create neat front spaces, imagine how they perform in their actual services.   


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