When did America’s obsession with consumerism start?



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    Some will argue that consumerism has been around almost since the beginning of civilization, or at least for the past two milleniums. In the United States, consumerism has grown significantly over the past hundred years due to the abundance of resources and economical freedom afforded by those who benefited from the Industrial Revolution. After the Depression and World War II, the country experienced a period of great prosperity, marked by the growth of both corporations and suburbs. Since then, it’s only continued to grow exponentially.

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    I would agree that specifically after world war two AMerican became a huge consumerist consumerist country again. People were wary to buy things after the great depression, because margin buying and bad economic policy left people uncertain about their financial well-being. However, after WWII, america had all of its factors of production up and running from the war, so instead of curbing production, people were urged to buy things (which isn’t hard to convince someone of after they’ve just risked their lives for a few years in a war). This same, “shop your troubles away” mentality can be seen very recently too. When 9/11 crushed many American’s spirits, Bush’s message to the public was go out and shop. It is a popular creed that spending money is a good thing to because it stimulates the economy. While this is true, we must make sure the correct economic policies are setup and that we are spending our money in responsible ways.  

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