When did America become such a fast paced society?



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    Many would say that it all started around the turn of the 1900’s with the industrial revolution. With the invention of the assembly line, the manufacturing process was greatly sped up, and the rest of our way of life followed. A factory could make in a matter of minutes what had once taken a week to create ourselves, so no one wanted to wait any more. The establishment of lay-away and credit sped up this process too, because not only were there plenty of goods available, but you didn’t even have to wait to be able to afford them.

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    Whenever the “American Dream” turned into being as successful/wealthy as you can possibly be. I don’t actually have an answer to this question, just a comment on how Americans have become people who just care about themselves and are living in a fast-paced stressful society. What is the root cause of this? I don’t know. Maybe we have been forced into working some much, since the cost of living has become so high.

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