When did air pollution become such a problem?



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    It seems like the industrial revolution is when our lack of sensitivity towards the environment became a problem. Before the 1800’s the earth’s population and the methods we used for improving life were not as systematically damaging as the are since then. During the industrial revolution we discovered that fossil fuels are much more efficient at producing energy than most other natural resources. As each country and company scrambled for profit, fossil fuels became necessary for greater production at cheaper prices. Windmills and wood stoves were less efficient and less used.

    From the industrial revolution on we have relied on fossil fuels for cheap energy without caring about the effects it has on the earth. Air pollution is one of the major effects from burning fossil fuels.

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    Another threat we face is actually inside of our homes.  From mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, Chinese drywall, we now have to look at indoor air pollution as a potential threat to our well being.  Medical conditions can develop if you have these elements in your home. 

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