When dealing with an eco-friendly moving company do you feel that you are making a positive impact?



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    Personally, I feel good whenever I deal with eco-friendly companies. I think that for many people, it’s easiest to just choose the cheapest company that will get the job done. It’s good to pick companies that minimize their impact on the environment. Many businesses are environmentally wasteful to cut costs, so it’s great to support those that aren’t.

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    I agree with pperlin, with the caveat that I generally research the companies methods and procedures for being eco-friendly.  In essence, I confirm that they are taking steps to use environmentally friendly supplies and processes instead of just using the “eco friendly” term as advertising.

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    Yes, I think the more companies see that it is important to be green, it will eventually become assumed that all companies should be eco-friendly. 

    But definitely keep an eye out for greenwashing, since it is easier to say your are eco-friendly, than actually be eco-friendly.

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    Yes, the entire reason the green movement has become popular is because so many people vote with their dollars and show it matters to them. Every little bit helps.

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