When buying an old house what are some health concerns?



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    There are several hazards found in old homes that can present health concerns. The first of these is Radon, a gas that can cause lung cancer that comes through cracks in the foundation. A cracked foundation, in addition to leaking radon, can also cause structural issues which can lead to mold getting in and pests like rats (both of which can cause health problems). Lead pipes, which were mostly used in old user houses, can leak lead into your water supply and cause lead poisoning. In addition to lead pipes, lead poisoning can also be caused by lead-based paint which is prevalent in many older homes. Asbestos is one of the more common health concerns in old homes since asbestos were put into everything before it was found to be bad for your health. While it is in many parts of houses it is mostly in insulation.

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    Some health concerns when buying an old house can include lead pipes and paint, poor electrical wiring/plumbing, different types of mold, and asbestos. Old infrastructure (plumbing, electrical, etc.) can be costly to replace depending on how it was originally installed. Another good thing to check is how secure the foundation of the house is. Older windows, floors, and walls may also be more drafty and increase heating/cooling prices. 

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