When is the best time to grow oranges?



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    It really depends on the type of orange you would like to grow.

    Here is a list:

    • Macetera ripens from January through June.
    • Valencia ripens from mid-February through June.
    • Marrs ripens from mid-November through mid-March.
    • Diller ripens from mid-November through March.
    • Cara Cara Navel ripens December through February.
    • Hamlin, Robertson Navel and Washington Navel oranges ripen December through mid-March.
    • Trovita, Sanquinelli, Torocco and Seville ripen December through March.
    • Ruby orange trees ripen mid-December through the beginning of March.”

    This is from http://www.howtodothings.com/home-and-garden/a3177-how-to-choose-and-plant-orange-trees.html.

    You would have to plan carefully, know how long the process it takes from the orange trees to be planted to be harvested and plant accordingly.

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    The best time to plant any citrus tree (or an orange tree) is in the spring or in the fall.  If planting in the spring – plant before the weather is too hot but after the last threat of frost.  If planting in the fall – plant two months before any freezing temperatures to give it time for the roots to begin to grow. 

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