When animals become locally extinct, are new animals translocated in?



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    Only under very favorable circumstances. In many situations, this isn’t viable. Local populations are often adapted to their region (eastern coyotes are very different from western coyotes, for example). If the local population goes extinct, some of these unique adaptations are lost. Importing individuals from another population might not work. For one, the habitat may not be viable — it may have been changed by human action to be unsuitable for the species. Or, the population from another location may not be properly adapted to survive or adequately fill the old population’s niche. These are all factors to consider before importing individuals to replace a locally extinct population. It may also simply be impossible to collect and import the animals without damaging ANOTHER population by removing individuals. This is just a handful of the problems associated with attempting to fill in one subpopulation of a species with individuals from another.

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