When is Avatar 2 coming out and will it still be about the environment?



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    Looks like it is set for December 2014. Yes indeed, James Cameron is going to maintain an environmentalist theme in Avatar 2, according to his interview with the LA times. He says the film will still take place on Pandora but it will focus on the ocean this time. He says there will still be a diverse and intricate environment, but it will be an ocean rather than a jungle.

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    Whoa, whoa, whoa Avatar was about the environment? That’s right they beat that message into the audience with a sledgehammer. To add to the answer above, Cameron is also releasing a novel adaptation before the second movie to answer further questions from first movie. Maybe it will be without the stilted dialouge and color by numbers plot. (I didn’t like the movie).

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    Here is also a big rant from another blogger on how hilariously contradicting the idea of an eco-friendly blockbuster seems.  Everyone would know that the cameras, electricity, and all of the other equipment used to make this movie is beyond polluting the environment.  Not to mention the DVD release…

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