When are volcanic eruptions considered beneficial?



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    Certain aspects of volcanic eruptions are beneficial.  The volcanic ash contains many nutrients that can make soil very fertile. 

    Many valuable resources are formed by volcanoes, including fluorine, sulfur, zinc, copper, lead, arsenic, tin, molybdenum, uranium, tungsten, mercury, silver, and gold. 

    The heat produced by volcanic activity can be used as geothermal energy resources. 

    We can learn information about past creatures and civilizations by studying fossils created by volcanic eruptions. 

    Due to the amazing scenery created by volcanoes, they can attract tourism, providing economic benefits to places with erupting volcanoes, such as Hawaii.

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    Additionally, it is believed that the earth’s oceans were formed by water vapor from volcanoes. So, I think that’s beneficial. Of course, that was a few million years ago…

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