When are sea levels expected to rise because of climate change?



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    Sea levels have already been seen to rise, with a marked increase in the past decade. Jumping from 1.5 mm/year in the 1900’s to 3.1 mm/year after the turn of the millennium. This rise in sea level is due to thermal expansion, the loss of glaciers and ice caps and the loss of ice from Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets.

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    Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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    Yes, sea levels have already begun to rise due to climate change. It may not be as noticeable now in places like the United States, but recent photographs of the arctics show that the glaciers are melting away. The amount of ice that was once plentiful in those regions is quickly disappearing, which is creating huge alarm in many scientific communities. 

    As time goes on, the effects of climate change on the melting glaciers will become more and more noticeable as beaches erode and low lying coastal towns become flooded. 

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    Sea levels are already rising, and are expected to rise a total of 9-88 cm by the end of the 21st Century, according to Greenpeace International.

    In fact, some Island countries around the world (more specifically around Asia) have already been forced to evacuate their homeland due to frequent flooding. You can read the full article here: http://www.earth-policy.org/plan_b_updates/2001/update2

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