When an animal yawns is it tired?



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    When an animal yawns it is not necessarily because of fatigue. In fact, some scientists now believe that humans and animals yawn to cool down the brain. In humans this theory is actually in concurrance with the fact that people yawn because they are tired as the brain functions better when it is cooler and not as well under fatigue. For many animals, on the other hand, we do not know if they are tired when they yawn but it appears that they are also trying to cool down. Dogs for instance do not sweat and therefore primarily cool down by leaving their mouths open to allow fresh air to cool the tonsils and throat.

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    dogs i know i have 2

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    Humans don’t yawn because they’re tired, although it does help to cool down the brain. Animals tend to yawn more because they cannot perspire. They cannot sweat. 

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