When (and where) did Ronald Reagan say: “What Energy Crisis?

I am preparing a series of lectures on Solar



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    I don’t know which specific speech Reagan made this famous quote, but there’s plenty to talk about concerning Reagan and energy. He dismantled the solar program put in place by Carter, and removed certain environmental restrictrions on the production of petroleum, as well as called for the rapid filling of the national petroleum reserve. He was geared up to keep this country running on fossil fuels, and further distanced us from being an energy soveirgn nation. 


    I’ll keep looking, good luck!

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      Thanks… I’m looking for the specific quote, since it was such a pivotal (and is oft-quoted) comment by Mr. Reagan. I worked within the DOE, which his Administration refocused from renewable and solar technologies. He also took Jimmy Carter’s solar collectors OFF the White House.

      Still, for my purposes, I need the specific date and setting for his famous speech in which he said: “What Energy Crisis”.

      Thanks, again.

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