When is The Age of Stupid coming out?



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    It’s best just to let Wikipedia speak for itself: “The film will be released internationally on September 21st and 22nd at the ‘Global Premiere’. A green carpet, solar-powered cinema tent in New York will be linked by satellite to 442 cinemas across America and to more than 200 cinemas in 45+ other countries.” There you have it.

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    Tickets are already on sale for the September 21st U.S. release date. The timings are: 7:30 PM ET/ 6:30 PM CT / 5:30 PM MT / tape delayed 8PM PT. This one night only live event is the only time the film will be shown on the big screen. For a list of theaters providing screenings visit the link below. The Age of Stupid already premiered in the U.K. on March 15, 2009, and was the biggest and greenest film event the U.K. had ever seen, and it only produced 1% of the emissions of a standard movie premier.

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    The movie came into theaters on September 21, 2009.  You can easily get it on Netflix, if you happen to be a member or decide to try it as a trial to see if you like it.  The link below gives some extra details about the film.

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