Whdienes it take so long to make oil?



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    I will assume your asking about petroleum.  Petroleum is a naturally occuring liquid that is flammable, and consists of a mix of hydrocarbons and other liquid organic compounds.  It is found beneath the surface of the Earth.

    Petroleum is formed from ancient biomass, fossilized organic materials.  The process requires the heating of ancient organic materials over geological time (very long time).  The formation occurs from hydrocarbon pyrolysis, mostly endothermic reactions at high temperature and/or pressure.  The oil we use today, is from the remains of prehistoric zooplankton and algae that had settled in a sea or lake and processed under anoxic conditions.  This organic matter mixed with mud and was buried under heavy layers, resulting in high levels of heat and pressusre.  This process causes change in the organic matter, first into a waxy material known as kerogen, and then with more heat, into liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons – in a process known as catagenesis.

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