What’s your favorite green/ecofriendy lip balm?

I picked up some organic, USDA certified lip balms from the grocery today for under $2 each and I’ m curious to know what other brands are out there for lips. I’m already familiar with Burt’s Bees, I’m looking for something new and…affordable. What brands do you guys recommend and what color from that brand do you like – if you can remember. Pictures would be lovely.



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    I love Aveda’s Lip saver! It’s made with cinnamon leaf, clove, and anise oils and has an SPF of 15. It is water-proof  and includes anti-oxidants that work to protect the lips. This products’ natural-based waxes work to keep lips soft and give them lasting protection. The cost is not under $2, they run around $8.50. If you are looking for color, Aveda also has a variety of lip glosses that work well with the Lip Saver as a base. I love the Lip Shine in grapefruit pulp.

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    Merry Hempsters lip balm is very good. I like it because it comes in many different scents. It is also affordable. I first found it at my local co-op. Co-ops are a great place to find eco-friendly cosmetics. There were several more lip balms on the shelf that I did not choose because they were more expensive and I am on a very tight budget.

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    I don’t use a brand of lipbalm per se, but you can use homemade alternatives such as ghee, which is indian purified butter. It has been in India for a very long time, and is cheap, all natural and most importantly great at soothing and protecting lips. You can also use extra virgin olive oil mixed with some beeswax. Lastly, aloe vera is a great go to for all skin and lip related issues.

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    My all-time favorite lip balm is olive oil.  It can be a bit goopy to apply frequently, but I dab some on my lips before I go to bed, while I’m watching TV or reading, and whenever I know I’ll be sitting around for a while.  If I need a tube of lip balm to carry around with me, I opt for Burts Bees.  It’s fairly cheap and made with natural beeswax as opposed to petroleum jelly.

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    i agree with kiraisthewalrus.  Burt’s Bees! My favorite is the one with the pomegranate added It gives a very nice light color to the lips too.  As a bit of an addict to the stuff, this one also has the lightest feel going on and hydrating power.

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