What’s your favorite green tv show?



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    Not being so green as some of the options listed in the link below, my favorite shows are ones that inspire me to be green by their content or coverage.  Nova has got to be the best show for firing my imagination or teaching me about great people of the past.  This is a documentary aired on public broadcasting networks, but you can watch their episodes through their website.

    My other favorite are all the miniseries that the BBC puts out (typically with David Attenborough narrating), Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life in the Undergrowth, etc.  Nothing makes me want to make a difference than seeing what it is we could lose.

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    I think the Spring Cleaning episode of Rocko’s Modern life deserves an honorable mention.

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    Planet Earth! I think Planet Earth does a superb job of showcasing the absolute beauty and wonder of our natural world. When I was younger though, it was Captain Planet, hands down.

    This is one of my favourite Planet Earth clips – the various Birds of Paradise and their impressive dancing skills:

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    I loved Captain Planet when I was a kid. 

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    Captain Planet! Besides old-school cartoons there is Wa$ted which is on the Planet Green network is interesting. The synopsis of the show is that co-hosts Annabelle Gurwitch and Holter Graham educate eco-criminals on how they can make a difference and save money as well.

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    Oh Captain Planet, for sure—that was a total classic and I loved it when I was a kid. Nature is always really interesting and really well done (although I suppose that’s more about nature and animals than “green” issues), and BBC’s Planet Earth. As Chelsea Schuyler said above, it’s definitely seeing what is at risk of being lost that motivates me to take action to protect it.

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    Alright, this isn’t exactly a TV show, but I seriously still remember all the words to this. And I pretty much sing it…often. 

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    My favorite green show was Animal Planet’s The Most Extreme. They would feature the top ten species that were fastest, best jumpers, strongest, etc. I thought it was a great way to show people how incredible nature is and inspire conservation. It was also really cool because it would show you how humans could function if they had the same abilities as the animals they featured.

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    Well I’m not sure if this counts but The Magic School Bus always seemed like a nice green TV show to me. It teachs you a lot about the environment and that’s good for children to learn while they are young to build awareness.

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