Whats your favorite animal?

This is an opdd qeustion but I am doing this to see what the majority is…


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    Red pandas are my absolute favorite. Need I say more?



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    I’m a sucker for intelligent animals, so I’d have to say my very favorite is the New Caledonian Crow.  Living only on a small island off the coast of Australia, they LOOK like normal crows in almost every respect. 

    But what sets them apart is their incredible tool use, which may even rival that of chimpanzees.  In the wild New Caladonian Crows have a “tool kit” of up to four tools -from curved hooks to stabbing barbs- that they make from branches and leaves and use to help them get food.

    Studies by scientists in the lab of these animals have shown them to have amazing problem-solving abilities, too.  Still doubt how smart these guys are? Watch this!


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    I think cats are way too cute.


    But I am also strangely interested in worms and snails…


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    I love cougars because they are intelligent, strong, beautiful and independent.

    I also love wolves for the same reasons!

    When I lived near the beach one of my favorite things was watching dolphins play, so I’ve always loved them because they seem so happy and having fun is an important part of their lives.

    Lastly I love falcons – if I could be a bird and fly anywhere I’d want to be a Peregrine Falcon.

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    I have a thing for sheep and chickens in small numbers–don’t know why.

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    I love owls! Even though I live in a city, I can often hear them at night. They’re such graceful, silent fliers, and also very intelligent. This is a screech owl, which you’ll hear in the country now and then.

    Then I also love polar bears, just because they’re beautiful.


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    I like mallards. Ducks get the shaft! They are taken for granted in my opinion–a bit like squirrels. I manage a 2.5 acre rose garden and we have a water features that attract ducks, so I get to watch their behavior year-round. The males’ colors brighten gloomy winter days and their antics keep me company in my empty garden. I am partial to a one-legged male; I’ve named him Frederick. His mate, I call Elise. They follow me around, never more than 5-6ft away. It’s surreal and pretty special.

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    cats are pretty cool

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    Tiger. It has been my whole life and for some reason, I just love the looks of them. 



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    I have two favorite animals, the polar bear and the elephant. Elephants are really fascinating creatures, intelligent and strong. When I was a little kid my dad recorded a Nature episode on elephants that my brother and I loved to watch, and I’ve been fascinated ever since.

    Polar bears are also really interesting animals. It’s been heartbreaking to hear about the impacts that global warming has been having on them, and the huge struggle it has been to get them listed, and then to get anything done to protect their environment. I think they are majestic, fierce animals that deserve our respect and protection from the ravages of climate change.

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    Dogs by far. My Australian Blue Heeler Chenghis Khan is by far the most loyal friend I have ever had. I love him very much, and I know his friendliness extends throughout the canine species.

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    I like dogs.  Their pack lifestyle and loyalty to one another is something to be respected.  After a long day at work, you can count on your dog to be there when you get home and make you feel better.  In my opinion, they truly are man’s best friend. 

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    I love all types of birds, from natural birds to domesticated birds like parrots. I find them comforting, and waking up to the sound of birds chirping is a great way to start the day. Also, being able to train parrots is a fun way to bond with them and learn more about what they are capable of. Sadly, I no longer own any birds, but seeing them out in the wild is a gift in itself. Here’s a cool picture of a parrot that I love!

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