What’s wrong with processed food?



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    The trouble with processed food is that in general the more processing a food goes through the more nutrients are striped away. But this is only a small part of the problem the other portion is what goes in. There are a lot of additives incurred during processing, I am not sure you’ve heard of BHT or BPA but these are two questionable examples of additives. Then there are artificial sweetners, some worse than others low on the list wouuld have to be aspartame. Not to mention coloring agents, aside from eating odd, not usually eaten compounds, the coloring agents are often used to cover up imperfections in the food (meat). “Many of the artificial colorings featured on the GRAS list are derived from the manufacturing of coal tars, including FD&C Yellow#5 (tartrazine) and FD&C Blue#2 (indigo carmine). Some of these coloring additives have been found to promote hypersensitivity reactions in people, especially children. In sensitive persons, consumption of these artificial colorings has been linked to ADHD (attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder), asthma, and inflammatory skin conditions such as urticaria and atopic dermatitis.” There are also preservatives, like BHT and sulfites. The last couple of issues include the consumption of pesticides as well as trans-fats. Organic foods are growing in popularity and a portion of their success is owed to people trying to get away from pesticides. Not long ago there was a much publicized move away from trans-fats but they are still out there and still in our food, thanks largely to processing.

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