What’s so great about Seventh Generation?



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    Sales of Seventh Generation’s non-toxic household products, have saved 140,000 trees, 191 billion BTUs of energy, more than 50 million gallons of water, and nearly 1.5 gallons of petroleum, according to the company’s 2008 corporate responsibility report. In addition, the company’s total carbon footprint fell 23 percent in 2008, to 63,481 metric tons of CO2e from 51,656 metric tons in 2007!

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    Seventh Generation offers a complete line of non-toxic household products, including non-chlorine bleached, 100% recycled paper towels, bathroom and facial tissues, and napkins; non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaning, dish and laundry products; plastic trash bags made from recycled plastic; chlorine-free baby diapers, training pants, and baby wipes; and chlorine-free feminine care products, including organic cotton tampons. These products are great alternatives to the harsh chemicals used by other companies in their products.

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