whats the second highestpolluted oceans



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    The pacific ocean is the known to be the second most polluted ocean in our world. In some sections of the Pacific ocean, they have anoxic water. Basically, what anoxic water does is that it does not provide any oxygen. When there is no oxygen, there is no life. Current living marine animals that do live in anoxic water are rapidly dying because creatures cannot breathe. Some creatures that do live in this type of water are forced to migrate to other parts of the ocean. When they do migrate, there is a high chance that it can mess up the food chain. 

    Anoxic water was created by all the pollutants. Some of the pollutants that may have factored to this creation is garbage waste, car emission, oil spills, fertilizers and toxic chemical waste. 

    Currently the number one most polluted ocean would be the atlantic ocean. The atlantic has the most anoxic oceans compared to the pacific ocean.

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