What’s the point of going green if no one is following it?



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    The key to change, any type of change, is setting a good example. People around you might not have knowledge or know reasons why they should go green. By you yourself going green you will develop trends of green living and recycling, learn facts about being green, and better understand how companies and our own lives effect the environment and our food and water.

    By setting an example for others to see you will be able to assist others in going green. You will also be able to educate people on how green living can better their own lives and save them money.

    By you going green and shopping green and getting others to follow your path you will also begin to force businesses to begin producing more green and organic products. When businesses realize that buyers are going green, and many have already noticed this, they will begin to make products for that market. Its simple supply and demand and by you setting an example and educating people you will increase the demand side and businesses will be forced to follow on the supply side or face losing money, something no business wants.

    As Albert Einstein once said: “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another; it is the only means.”

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    Going green doesn’t have to be something you do for other people. I try to be kind to the environment for me–not anyone else. I recycle because it’s important to me, regardless of whether my neighbors also recycle. Just the little green things you can do can make a difference for the environment. Cox01 is also right that setting a positive example can over time get people’s attention and they may follow suit. 

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    Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” There may be a lot of people thinking the same thing as you, and if they all started living more sustainable lives, it could make a profound difference. There are a lot of people and businesses that are following it. You can help build the momentum. 

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    Great answers so far. Indeed, being green is a personal decision. It is a change you have decided to make in your life because you care for the future of the Earth. It’s a lifestyle not many agree with or would like to convert to. However, the green movement has been picking up momentum in recent years. Imagine all the hard work that had to be done to make it this far. Imagine what could be done in next decade by continuing to advocate for a better earth and better future? Being green isn’t easy, but we don’t become so becasue we think it will be easy. We do it for a much greater cause.

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