What’s one way a government may encourage the citizens to have smaller families?



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    One way is to have public service announcements on the radio or in other media.

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    Forced sterilization would be a pretty effective way for the government to ‘encourage’ citizens to have smaller families. Of course, this way may not be looked upon particularly kindly by the citizens. 

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    The government can encourage citizens to have smaller families by diminishing available subsidies at all income levels that make having children more affordable. Why should taxpayers financially support someone’s poor decisions? While we should be allowed to have as many children as our hearts desire, others should not be forced to pay for it. If Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” doctrine is ignored, aren’t we only encouraging a perpetual population problem? But, perhaps, our family-friendly government will help us with this issue by allowing child care workers to unionize. If a minimum wage worker can’t pay for child care while they’re at work, they’ll think twice about having another.

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