What’s a natural way to take the red out of your eyes?



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    You can boil 1/2 teaspoon of fennel seeds with 1 cup of water, allow to cool, and use as eye drops for redness relief. Another remedy uses 4 grams of alum powder and 30 grams of rosewater. 

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    Get more sleep.  Red eyes are often caused by lack of sleep.  Make sure you are getting enough, studies show that it also reduces heart attacks and other problems.  If you just have allergies, then try the recipe suggested above by czummer.

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    There are several things that you can do to help get the red out of your eyes. If you can tolerate it, one way would be to rinse bloodshot eyes with a gentle flow of warm to cool water. The rinsing can remove irritants which may be bothering your eye, and it can also bring moisturizing relief. Changes in lifestyle can also aid in removing red out of your eye. Getting plenty of sleep and avoiding smoky areas or areas with airborne particulants like dust can help. Increasing your water intake can also be a remedy as well. Eating more foods rich in vitamin B6 such as fish, seeds, nuts and leafy vegetables has also been proven to help. 

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