What’s the most warm winter wear?

Winter has come, I want to choose a good canada goose parkas with me through the cold winter



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    Most warm winter wear shuld be made from wool r cotton……as both r good insulators biologically degradable and we do not have to kill an animal to acquire wool and cotton…..undoubdtly they are excellent insulators and will help keep you warm throughout winter.

    making warm winter wears from wool and cotton will conserve energy because they do not need much chemical treatment e.t.c

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    Wool is definitely makes a good, warm winter fabric. However, cotton and other plant fibers tend to hold onto moisture, making them a bad choice for clothing if you are going out in the snow or moving around a lot and sweating. There is a mantra in the outdoor clothing industry: “Cotton Kills.”

    Environmentally speaking, cotton has another problem as well. Since it is a delicate plant and is not used in food production, farmers often dump liberal amounts of pesticides on it, which can be detrimental to the natural environment. Hemp and bamboo are more hardy plants that are easier to grow without pesticides. You can also get organic cotton clothing, but it is very expensive.

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    While yes the mantra is “Cotton Kills” there are other products superior to wool. The best type of jacket is a Goose-Down filled jacket. As the same in buying sheets the higher the fill count the better the quality and insulation. A goose fill of 800-900 is rated at a outstanding 600-700 is very good etc. This type of jacket is used for mountaineers and backpackers as it is very light and very warm. If summiting Mt. Everest, you will be wearing a 800-900 fill Goose down jacket and pants.

    The real trick to winter wear is layering. A good base of polypropylene and or wool is necessary to wick away moisture from your body. Next layer should be a good insulator such as fleece or a thicker wool jacket. Finally you will have your outer-wear Goose jacket to keep you protected from the wind and provide maximum insulation from the elements.

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    I am originally from Cleveland, OH where the winters are brutal. I now live in Phoenix, AZ and am thankful to be free of snowy weather. However, I will always swear by long underwear, flannel, turtlenecks, and sweaters to keep warm. I also used to wear a wool coat as well. I am not quite sure of the sustainability of the material. I know that there are alot of environmental clothing manufacturers out there these days, but I am also a believer in re-using and you can always find warm clothing at any thrift store.

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