What’s more important, oil or water?



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    While oil is linked to everything from transportation to heating our homes to creating plastics, humans would have no use for oil without water. Any living creature needs water for basic survival and therefore water is more important.

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    Water is much more important than oil., since we need it to sustain life. Humans can live only 3-4 days without water.

    While oil and other fuels have become part of our daily necessity in our fast-paced industrialized lifestyle, we do not necessarily need it for survival.

    In parts of the world where heating is necessay to survival, a source of heating fuel or energy is needed, however. In such circumstances, humans need both water and fuel. As a society, though, we use oil and fuels for many unnecessary things.

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    Water is significantly more important than oil.  Without water, humans would not even be able to concern themselves with oil.  I understand that oil also contributes to the survival of humans, but the way in which it is needed is not even comparable to that of water.

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    Water, the human race survived without oil for many centuries. In human history our use of oil has been very short. We can survive without water.

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    I would definitely say water is more important, because just about every living thing needs water to survive. Oil drives our transportation and provides fuel but it isn’t necessary, and one day I believe we can function without it if we put enough work into finding greener, alternative sources of energy. We can exist without oil but water is absolutely essential to our survival. 

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    Water is most definitely more important in my eyes. Life on Earth managed to survive for millions of years without the use of oil to help with transportation. If you think about it, using oil to get from point A to be point B is a relatively new invention. Even if you only consider humanity and not the rest of the planet’s living beings, water is much more necessary than oil. Life on Earth literally cannot survive without water.

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